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Even if you just have basic concrete as your garage flooring, it is still worth considering applying a protective surface finish. Concrete is porous and stains easily and permanently, as well as being susceptible to pitting.  Not only does the coating protect the floor from oils and chemicals, and excessive wear and tear, it also prevents pitting which makes the floor easier to clean.  In the long run, you will not only protect your garage floor from stains and deterioration but also save yourself money as it will reduce the need for maintenance.

Investing in your garage floor does not necessarily mean expensive fancy flooring but rather assessing your needs and choosing a flooring type that fits those needs.  Remember that many people nowadays do not park their cars in the garages but rather use them for storage and workshops.  Properly installed and good quality garage flooring will not only make your life easier and safer but will also enhance the value and appearance of your home.

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